Inventions that caused the death of their creators

The inventions that caused the death of their creators, this collection of facts should be of interest to everyone, therefore we read and share with friends ...

William Bullock invented the web-based rotary printing press, which completely changed the field of printing.

In 1867, his leg was inadvertently pulled into a car and crushed. He died a week after the amputation.

Wilm Nelson - 24-year-old inventor, worked for General Electric.

He came up with a bicycle with a motor. Nelson died in 1903 while rolling around his creation.

Henry Smolinski crashed during a test flight of the AVE MIZAR, a flying vehicle.

This was the only thing his company tried to produce.

Horace Lawson Hunley - a submarine designer during the American Civil War. Unfortunately, none of his attempts were successful. In 1863, the third submarine also sank, killing the entire crew, including Hanley.

Alexander Bogdanov tried to prove that the secret of slowing aging lies in blood transfusion. He received blood transfusions 11 times. After 12 experiments in 1928, the scientist died of infection.

Harry Daglian Jr. and Louis Slotin. Both physicists worked on the invention of the Los Alamos nuclear bomb and died from exposure to radiation in 1945 and 1946, respectively.

Karel Susek - one of the daredevils who successfully conquered Niagara Falls in a barrel that he himself designed.

In 1985, a barrel with Karel in it crashed during one of the stunts in Houston.

Max Valier is a pioneer of rocketry. He invented a liquid propellant rocket engine that exploded while testing a rocket vehicle, killing its creator.

Thomas Andrews was the chief designer of the Titanic. He was aboard the ship on a fateful night in 1912.