Switzerland named the greenest and greenest country in the world

An organization called Center for Environments Law & Policy (Yale University) decided to find out which countries are the greenest in the world. The five leading countries were compiled, led by Switzerland. Next came Latvia, and Norway finished the top three.

For a long time, Switzerland has been spoken of as the most beautiful and environmentally stable country in the world. Here, not only mountains and an excellent climate, but also the locals do everything possible to maintain a good ecological situation. The second in a row is Latvia - the nature of this country is very environmentally friendly and picturesque, and residents also try to maintain the country's ecosystem.

Bronze, Norway, has good air and drinking water purity, low carbon dioxide emissions. Residents of the country massively use an alternative to the usual generation of electricity, use various eco-constructions. In this country, ninety-eight percent of electricity comes from hydroelectric power plants.

Rounding out the top five are Luxembourg and Costa Rica.

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