The funniest and ridiculous laws of the world

Some laws passed many years ago have now lost their former meaning and look like a mockery of respectable citizens. I bring to your attention a small selection of the most ridiculous and ridiculous laws from around the world.

According to the law of the American state of Ohio, it is forbidden to solder fish. In Alabama, it is illegal to drive while blindfolded, and in Vermont, married women must obtain written consent from their husbands before fitting dentures.

In Alaska, you can kill bears, but waking the beast to take a picture with it is prohibited by law.

In Florida, unmarried women are prohibited from skydiving on Sundays. In Arizona, cutting off a cactus can get you up to 25 years in prison.

In France, you cannot legally call a pig Napoleon.

In the UK, a pregnant woman can legally ask a police officer for his helmet if there is no other place to do it nearby.

And also, it is forbidden to die in the English parliament. The fact is that the parliament has the status of a royal palace and those who died there have the right to be buried with state honors. The rating also mentions a law prohibiting entry into parliament in armor.

According to one of the laws, a whale or sturgeon found on the coast of Great Britain belongs to the English monarch: the head goes to the king, and the tail goes to the queen. In addition, no one has canceled the law of 1644, which prohibits eating sweet pies on Christmas, which, according to tradition, are baked just during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Oliver Cromwell adopted him in order to combat the sin of gluttony.

In England, there is a law passed back in the 16th century that prohibits two men from having sex in a house where there is a third person.

Residents of Scotland are required to admit anyone who knocks on their door asking for permission to use the toilet. In the city of York, it is allowed to kill Scots if they have a bow and arrow with them. Finally, all Britons, without exception, are forbidden not to tell the tax inspector what they want to hide from him, but it is perfectly legal to remain silent about what you don’t make a secret out of.

In France and the UK, kissing is prohibited in train stations. In France, this law was introduced in 1910 due to a delay in the departure of trains. At the train station in the British city of Warrington in the north-west of the country there are signs “Kissing is prohibited”, but there is a special zone for kissing.

In Venice, it is forbidden to feed pigeons - for the sake of the preservation of ancient buildings. Feeding fees can be up to $ 600, up to $ 60 if paid locally.

In Venice, you cannot be shirtless in a public place and eat sandwiches while sitting on the sidewalk, just like in Rome, you cannot swim in fountains.

In the Italian city of Tropea, there is a law that very clearly regulates who can be naked on the beach and who is not: “Women who are fat, ugly or ugly are not allowed to appear on the beach naked”.

In the Italian city of Palermo, only women are allowed to be completely naked on the beach, while men are not.

In Germany, a fine of up to $ 100 can be imposed for creating a security threat on the Autobahn. In particular, you cannot walk on the legendary highway and you cannot stop the car on it, even if you run out of gasoline.

Tourists who travel to the UAE during the holy month of Ramadan should be aware that during this time it is forbidden to eat and drink in public places in the country.

You cannot ride a motorcycle without a shirt in Thailand. The fine for driving a vehicle with a bare torso can be around $ 10. And it is also forbidden to trample on money. The fact is that on all bills and coins of Thailand, the king of this country is depicted. To step on his image is disrespectful to the monarch, for which imprisonment is relied.

In Hong Kong, a wife who has been cheated on by her husband can kill him, but on one condition - she must commit the reprisal with her bare hands, without weapons. As for the husband's mistress, she can be killed with anything.

In Canada, according to a 1985 law, it is forbidden to pay for an item that costs more than $ 25 with one dollar coins.

In the country of Grenada, it is forbidden to walk around the city in swimsuits, wears jeans with a too low rise. The fine can be as high as $ 270.

According to Danish law, you must always drive a car with the headlights on to distinguish it from parked cars. The fine for driving with the headlights off can be up to $ 100.

Singapore laws are about cleanliness - it is forbidden to feed birds, spit or not flush after themselves in public toilets. In addition, chewing gum and painting graffiti are prohibited in this country.

The Swiss, who are extremely respectful of the peace of others, are prohibited by law from draining the toilet noisily after ten o'clock in the evening.

Swaziland, Africa, passed a law prohibiting women from wearing underwear. As punishment for violating the norm, soldiers must rip off the woman's linen and tear it into small pieces.

While in China, if you want to stare at naked women - please. But God forbid staring at the naked legs of a clothed woman. This is considered a gross insult in China and is punishable by several days in prison.

What law do you remember the most?