New massage record in Thailand

A new world record in the field of massage was set in Thailand. 641 Thai massage therapist took part in a record session of one-time massage and just the same patients were laid on the massage tables. This achievement is marked by the Guinness Book of Records.

At the present time, Thailand is considered a massage center of the world and therefore all tourists who come to this country willingly use the services of local masters. To set a new world record, a massage race was organized, which passed all over the country. A massage session that ended in one city here also gave a start to the work of a massage therapist in another populated area. The massage race finished in Bangkok.

All the masters who took part in the record marathon worked according to the reduced version of the traditional massage. Instead of the usual two-hour session, they masqueraded their clients for only 12 minutes. The previous world record for the mass of massage belonged to the Australians. In 2009, 262 people performed a one-time massage session, which lasted only five minutes.