The world's largest biceps belong to an Egyptian

The largest biceps in the world belong to the Egyptian Mustafa Ismail, a bodybuilder from Egypt, has the largest biceps and triceps in the world. His name has already been entered in the required book.

The record holder is only twenty-four years old, and the girth of his arm from shoulder to elbow is nearly eighty centimeters. After years of hard training and a special diet designed for him by nutritionists (every day he eats a pound of fish or pork chop, three pounds of chicken, two gallons of water, four cups of almonds, three liters of protein shakes), he achieved a result of two hundred and twenty six kilograms, which he takes on the biceps.

The athlete gets up at four in the morning, has breakfast, and then his first training session begins, which lasts three hours (starts at 5:00 in the morning and ends at 8:00, respectively). During the day, Mustafa eats and sleeps, after which he goes to the second workout.