Shark skin repels algae and bacteria

Shark skin repels algae and bacteria - we all know that sharks are amazing animals, as they have a number of unusual properties and structures of the body - more on that later ...

Sharks do not have a very good reputation with us, backed up by Hollywood masterpieces such as "Jaws". Although we know that, according to statistics, more people die from the attack of cows than sharks, nevertheless, from one kind of soulless beady eyes and razor-sharp teeth, the blood runs cold.

Perhaps this fear for a long time did not allow us to notice something very important in them - nothing ever sticks to shark skin. Whales grow overgrown with all kinds of sea sticks, and sharks remain invariably smooth. And not because they are so scary.

It turns out that shark skin is not skin at all, but scales with special sharp teeth-scales that repel everything alien. If you run along it from head to tail, then it will seem smooth, smooth, and if in the other direction, you can seriously injure yourself. This is because the scales are arranged in a "diamond" pattern. Algae and bacteria do not like living on shark skin at all - it is difficult for small organisms to gain a foothold on its unique texture.

It took scientists very little time to learn to copy the structure that allows the shark's skin to repel bacteria. And she immediately found many uses. To begin with, a shark-like skin was created for ships - so that all rubbish would not stick. Then they dressed Michael Phelps in a kind of shark skin to make it easier for him to earn his medals. And, finally, we thought - why not force sharks to save lives?

So far, we have mastered only one tactic in the war against deadly bacteria - we kill them. That is, we diligently disinfect everything in the world, and are content with temporary victories, because bacteria only adapt better and better to everything that we invent against them.

And finally, scientists have come up with an adhesive film covered with a kind of shark scales, which is supposed to glue all surfaces in hospitals, where harmful microbes can accumulate - tables, bedside tables, doorknobs, etc.

So, on the one hand, the shark is a terrible creature that can easily bite off an arm or leg, on the other, it can also protect you from infection when you are brought to the hospital to sew a limb back.