Rare facts that no one else will tell you about!

Rare facts that no one else will tell you about! - since few people think about it at all, well, we will teach you to think out of the ordinary

And now the facts themselves:

1. Over the past 50 years, mankind has destroyed 70% of the world's forests.

2. More than half of the world's population has never seen snow.

3. The heart of a white whale is the size of a Volkswagen Beetle.

4. If you collect all the iron contained in the human body, you will get only a small screw for a woman's watch.

5. Abroad, everyone is sure that Cheburashka is SHE

6. In Creskill, New Jersey, all cats and cats must wear 3 bells so that birds are always aware of their location.

7. If you fill a teaspoon with the substance of which neutron stars are composed, then its weight will be = approximately 110 million tons.

8. Pipidastras - furry multi-colored things that are beautifully waving by girls from the support group of sports teams.

9. Only women and horses have hymen

10. Female pigeons cannot lay eggs alone. For this they need to see a pigeon. In captivity, they can be deceived with a mirror.

11. The rubber armrest of the escalator in the metro moves at a different speed so that the passenger does not fall asleep on the escalator.

12. Sharks can be dangerous even before they are born. For example, scientist Stuart Springer was bitten by an embryo while he was examining the insides of a pregnant shark.

13. To release from the jaws of the crocodile, press your thumbs on its eyeballs. He will immediately let you go

14. Chameleon's tongue is twice as long as its body

15. Michael Jordan was not accepted into the basketball team in his sophomore year of college due to his small stature

16. In Kenya, spending on bribes accounts for one third of the household budget.

17. The runner is able to outrun the race car in the first 10 meters from the start.

18. Acne can be removed with a mixture of crushed tablets of any antibiotic, aspirin and suprastin (one at a time), with the addition of a drop of water.

19. The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards.

20. Giant Komodo lizards attack even deer and wild boar.

21. One in four Americans was shown on television.

22. Half of the men do not wash their hands after using the toilet.

23. If a yellow canary is fed with red pepper, the color of its feathers will turn bright orange.

24. For accurate maintenance of balance and aerodynamic properties, the eagle, when a feather falls from one wing, loses the same feather from the other wing.

25. In the 18th century. the soldiers who fought against the armies of Frederick brought cockroaches to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Before that, there were no cockroaches.

26. To crack a nut, just put it in hot water for 48 hours.

27. It is impossible to insert a blade between the plates of the Cheops pyramid.

28. There is a wives dragging championship in Finland. The winner receives a beer equivalent to the wife's weight

29. Eagles mate in flight

30. Drivers kill more deer than hunters

31. Some types of tapeworms eat themselves in the absence of food. However, they can eat up to 95% of their body.

32. There are no penguins at the North Pole, contrary to popular stereotype.

33. No one has yet been able to tame the African elephant. Only the Indian elephant is trainable.

34. A rat can fall from a five-story building without any damage.

35. Even a small drop of alcohol placed on a scorpion drives him crazy. Scorpio stings himself to death

36. The most common language is Chinese. And the second most common is Spanish. English gets the honorary bronze

37. The average life expectancy for Japanese women is 84 years; while the life expectancy of women in Botswana is only 39 years.

38. Same-sex sexual relations are prohibited by law in over 70 countries. In nine, including Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia, they are punishable by death.

39. More than 70 percent of the world's population has never heard a telephone ring. In Africa, only one in 40 people has a telephone.

40. In his youth, in times of dire need, Pablo Picasso burned his own creations to keep warm