The mind of the crow is superior to the chimpanzee (Interesting fact)

The raven is superior to the chimpanzee in intelligence - an interesting fact, since it was previously believed that pygmy chimpanzees are one of the first in terms of mental development among other animals. Their communication takes place with the help of gestures, which brings them closer to people. More precisely, to children, because while they cannot express themselves in words, they show with their hands. This was not observed in any of the other inhabitants of flora and fauna.

Later it turned out that the information is not entirely accurate and there are still birds with similar behavior when communicating. They are crows. Studies have shown that adults can communicate with more than just croaking. They have their own sign language, which they use quite actively in everyday life.

For several months in the Austrian Alps, scientists observed these birds. Everything was recorded on a digital camera and later it was analyzed how they behave inside their flock and in the presence of strangers. Often one of the birds drew the attention of its relatives to any find and the males even tried to give gifts to their friends. This was done with gestures. The raven tilted his head and waited for an answer, which was expressed in agreement or refusal. If the gift was not to his liking, then the bird turned away.

As a result of the observation, scientists came to the conclusion that the development of crows exceeds the development of chimpanzees and other primates. Birds, unlike our so-called ancestors, react to foreign objects and to the signs of interlocutors, and monkey gestures relate only to their bodies and actions.