Interesting facts about Halloween (Halloween)

Interesting facts about Halloween from the English. Halloween. What can we say about a holiday like Halloween? That this is an American gloomy, mysterious and mysterious day, which began to be celebrated relatively recently in our country, a little over a decade ago. The American date was preserved - on the very last day of October. At night, from October 31 to November 1, there are basically only two colors that symbolize this holiday: black and orange. Also, this holiday is accompanied by an abundance of pumpkins, candles and lanterns, various costumes and masks of evil spirits, as well as horror stories and the accompanying fun.

"Life or wallet!" - approximately these are the associations that arise when thinking about this day.

In fact, over 2, 000 years of its celebration, Halloween has acquired a huge number of legends and stories, as well as filled with traditions and has many other names. For example, few people know that in some countries this holiday is called the Day of the Dead, Celtic New Year, Reformation Day, etc.

Americans have been celebrating Halloween for over a century. They consider this day to be the most fun costume festival for both children and adults. Adults are even bigger! Interestingly, even more than Christmas or New Year is waiting for him!

If you look into history, you can find out that the Celts first celebrated this holiday with a religious bias: when they saw off the summer, as they called it, the bright side, they met winter, that is, the dark side.

According to tradition, Halloween is celebrated with songs and dances around the fire, and it is also not complete without scary stories and legends about spirits, witches, sorcerers and other evil spirits.

The commercial approach to all holidays has played a role here as well. In many countries, Halloween has also become a celebration of sweets, which children beg from their neighbors, after dressing up in carnival costumes. Statistics say that on this day, the revenue from the sale of various sweets and candies reaches $ 2 billion and even more! Not a little, you must agree.

Also, farmers rushed to celebrate the Day of evil spirits. In many countries, gigantic pumpkins are specially grown, because on October 31 they are in great demand. After all, everyone wants to try to make a creepy pumpkin lantern-face with their own hands and put it on a street windowsill so that it scares away evil spirits from his house.

It is not surprising that the Halloween holiday, over its 2000-year history, has accumulated so many original and amazing, and sometimes even absurd facts in its arsenal. For example, the most common fact about Halloween is that the practice of lighting bonfires on the night of October 31 to November 1 almost disappeared almost everywhere, bonfires began to be replaced with electric bulbs, decorating the interior of a children's room, houses and entire areas with them.

It is also interesting that the scary carnival costumes used 2, 000 years ago (vampire fangs and witch wigs) are becoming less and less common. The most common costumes of princesses, clowns and sexy kitties today.

In North America, European emigrants, who adopted it from the Celts, are responsible for the traditional Halloween celebration.