50% of Internet users never change their password

50% of Internet users never change their password. This interesting article is dedicated to all Internet lovers who, since they are busy, do not even think about the security of their data.

Setting the same password for all sorts of pages on the Internet is nowadays just like if you had one key, suitable both for the lock from the house, and for the car, safe, etc. Even without taking into account the fact that cracking this universal key is a gold mine for hackers, just under half of Internet users state that they use only one password (as Physorg tells us).

In countries such as America and the UK, a sociological study was conducted in which 800 people participated, of which 80% admitted that the reason for theft and scams with them is their own irresponsibility.

According to scientists, many users simply do not realize the reality of the threat posed by professional computer hackers! After all, hackers can, oh, how to cash in on the sale of information stolen from the personal computer of any user. According to the research, it also turned out that most people repeat the same password so as not to confuse something, or not to forget it at all.

And only 7% of survey participants confirmed that they practice frequent changing their passwords, use all precautions, and different levels of protection to access their computers, Internet pages, accounts .... - for example, a fingerprint reader, password management system, etc.

My advice to you is to put a normal antivirus, think with your head and put decent passwords for important accounts, or even better for each separate password. I know it is not very convenient, but still you will be sure that at least somehow you have secured your information.