What is the avatar, avator, avka talking about (Interesting facts)

What the avatar, avatar, avka is talking about - interesting facts compiled by psychologists that will help you understand yourself what you lack, etc.

Avatar reveals our hidden deficiencies - what is missing, what we want to appear. People with similar psychological traits choose a certain type of avatar. And the avatar can tell a lot about its owner!

1. Child, own children's photos, "cute" animals. "I am small! I want some pens! " Lack of love, care, attention. The person does not want to grow up. This is an immature, rather infantile personality.

2. Photo of your child. “My child is me. I am my child. " Loss of oneself and landmarks in life, as a result - unfulfillment. Merging with the child, trying to fill his life with him.

3. Photo with partner. "I have a relationship, look everyone!" Lack of love and confidence that you can be loved. Recognizing your worth as a woman / man.

4. Landscape or other natural element. "It's time to go on vacation!" Lack of inner harmony. Such people often need external confirmation that they have a right to rest.

5. Official photo. "I am successful!" Lack of self-confidence. Desire to receive love through recognition of success.

6. Funny photo. “Let's laugh! Don't take anything seriously ... ”Lack of lightness. There is some kind of unlived sadness inside, from which you want to escape.

7. Missing photo. "Do not look at me!" Lack of security. Secrecy and distrust, sometimes suspicion, a desire to control the situation.