Six Interesting Facts 2012

Six interesting interesting facts collected in 2012.

1. The growing Eiffel Tower. Did you know that throughout the year, the height of the Eiffel Tower changes by an average of 18 centimeters. When exposed to a 10-degree frost, the tower becomes lower, this is due to the fact that the distance between the molecules of the steel from which the tower is made decreases. Accordingly, when the heat comes, more than 40 degrees, the distance increases, and the tower grows.

2. Friendly algae. Large seaweed grows in a port in California to prevent storms from coming. Algae create a natural barrier behind which ships can wait out bad weather.

3. Demanding aircraft. Aircraft maintenance is complex and expensive. For your information, to service one Boeing you need 24 staff.

4. Fluffy-Lithium. Metal Lithium is 5 times lighter than aluminum. If an experiment is carried out, and a life-size aircraft is monitored from Lithium, then its fuselage can be lifted with ease by an adult.

5. Life-loving earthworm. The earthworm has more than 900 hairs throughout its body, with the help of which it actually moves. But, what is more interesting, it is a kind of self-preservation mechanism. When the bird tries to pull the worm out of its hole, it frantically clings to the walls of the hole with hairs, and sometimes, it manages to avoid being eaten.

6. Miracle turtle. Fishermen in Vladivostok managed to catch a truly giant turtle, its weight was almost 130 kilograms, which is a kind of world record.