A wise parable about the main source of human problems

Sometimes you just need to stop and ask yourself a couple of questions.

The knight walked through the desert. His journey was long. On the way, he lost his horse, helmet and armor. Only the sword remained. The knight was hungry and thirsty. Suddenly in the distance he saw a lake. He collected all the remaining strength and went to the water.

But by the lake itself sat a three-headed dragon. The knight drew his sword and, with his last strength, began to fight the monster. He fought for a day, fought the second. He chopped off two heads of the dragon. On the third day, the dragon fell exhausted. Nearby, an exhausted knight fell, no longer able to stand on his feet and hold the sword.

And then, with the last of his strength, the dragon asked:

- Knight, what did you want?

- Drink water.

- Well, I would have drunk ...