Angels - guardians of the family hearth

Somewhere far away in heaven, the Old Angel taught young angels, the guardians of the family hearth, the difficult science of bringing love to families.

- It will be easy for you with people who are happily married. You only sometimes have to adjust some of their desires. This is fine with happy families. But there will be

it is much more difficult with people who consider themselves unhappy.

This is what I want to say. They may not actually be unhappy, but they convince themselves so well and for a long time that we have no other choice ... we fulfill it for them.

- Can you ask a question? - the smallest of the angels raised his hand, - And how can I understand who is happy and who is unhappy.

“Don't worry, you'll figure it out, ” the Old Angel pondered, and then added, “Your textbooks have a description of the three most common options.

He walked over to the table and opened a book on the table.

“Look, ” he leafed through and, finding the right page, quoted, “Pay attention to how they, that is, husband and wife, talk to each other.

If they speak loudly, even sometimes shout, it means that they are unhappy with each other. Their hearts are so distant from each other that I did not hear the voice of the heart. Therefore, they raise their voices to shout to another.

Second option: they speak quietly. Means, tender feelings reign here. Hearts are so close that they will even hear each other's whispers.

And the third option: when two just sometimes whisper to each other. And more just look into each other's eyes and understand everything without words. This means that their hearts have become one. Such people and feelings are one for two and love is one for two.

If you look closely, then their auras, it turns out, almost merged into one.

So, your task is to take people away from loud conversations by any means. Especially if you have feelings. You need to help them keep these feelings. And then these angry conversations lead people away from each other so far that sometimes it happens that there is no turning back. The point of no return has been passed, do you understand?

The young angels watched the teacher spellbound.

- And you can do it. It is not for nothing that you have been awarded the title of an angel - the guardian of the family hearth.

The Old Angel raised his eyes to his disciples and smiled:

- Well? On the road. Help people learn to talk with their eyes.