Tired of his wife 70 year old American decided to go to jail

A resident of the American state of Kansas robbed a bank to go to jail and avoid the need to live with his wife. Reported by The Independent.

Lawrence Ripple, 70, showed up at the financial institution with a gun and demanded all the available cash. The cashier gave the robber about three thousand dollars. Having received what he wanted, the pensioner sat down in the lobby of the bank, awaiting the arrival of the police.

The arriving law enforcement officers detained Ripple, who confessed to them that he had come to rob a bank specifically in order to go to jail. The man complained that he was very tired of his wife and wanted to take a break from her behind bars. According to him, he warned his wife where and why he was heading.

The American was charged with armed robbery. He was released on bail - he will await trial at large, in the company of his wife.