Don't argue with a drunken Irishman. Manhattan, 1956

On September 29, 1956, New Jersey locksmith Thomas Fitzpatrick was culturally relaxing at a bar. The fun went on as usual until the conversation turned to the topic of traffic. Word for word, and Tommy is already betting that he can drive from New Jersey to this very bar in North Manhattan in 15 minutes.

Tommy was a hot guy, but he knew exactly what he was doing. New Jersey has Teterboro airport and Tommy has a pilot's license.

On September 30, at 3 a.m., an Irishman drunk in the smoke hijacked a plane belonging to the Teterboro Flying School, and a few minutes later landed on Saint Nicholas Avenue, off 191st Street and just right next to the bar where the dispute was concluded.

Fitzpatrick got off surprisingly easy. The owner of the plane refused to write a statement about the hijacking, and the seized pilot's license - just think, Tommy was no longer going to fly anyway.

But, as they say, do not renounce! Two years later, on October 4, 1958, Tommy was resting culturally at the bar again. Naturally, we were talking about his flight, after all, the anniversary! But then this damn bartender allowed himself to doubt! You see, he does not believe that a plane can land on the street! You see, he doubts that Tommy is telling the truth!

Tommy had to go to Teterboro again at night, hijack a plane and prove to everyone that he can land wherever he wants and when he wants, and all sorts of bartenders can shove their disbelief in ...

Well, this time I had to spend half a year in prison for a hooligan, of course, but there were no people left to argue with the Irishman, at least he did not fly anymore.