A powerful parable of empty complaints

One day a man was walking past a house and saw an old woman in a rocking chair, an old man reading a newspaper was swinging in an armchair next to her, and a dog lay on the porch between them, whining as if in pain. Passing by, the man was surprised to himself why the dog was whining.

The next day he walked past this house again. He saw an elderly couple in rocking chairs and a dog lying between them making the same plaintive sound.

The puzzled man promised himself that if the dog whined tomorrow, he would ask this couple about it.

On the third day, unfortunately, he saw the same scene: the old woman was swinging in a chair, the old man was reading the newspaper, and the dog was lying in its place and whining piteously.

He couldn't take it anymore.

- Excuse me, ma'am, - he turned to the old woman, - what happened to your dog?

- With her? She asked. - She lies on a nail.

Puzzled by her answer, the man asked:

“If she’s lying on a nail and it hurts, why don’t she just get up?”

The old woman smiled and said in a friendly, gentle voice:

- So, my dear, it hurts enough to whine, but not enough to budge ...

There is truth in this: we often whine that we are fed up, that something needs to be changed, but at the same time we do nothing. Instead of even "getting up"!