A short cautionary tale about a boy and a waitress

One child of about ten entered a cafe and sat down at a table. The waitress came up to him.

- How much does chocolate ice cream with nuts cost? The boy asked.

“Fifty cents, ” the woman replied. The boy pulled his hand out of his pocket and counted the coins.

- How much is a simple ice cream, without anything? The child asked.

At this time, some visitors were waiting at the tables, so the waitress began to express dissatisfaction:

“Twenty-five cents, ” she answered shortly.

The boy counted the coins again.

“I want a simple ice cream, ” he decided.

The waitress brought ice cream, threw the bill onto the table, and left. The child finished eating ice cream, paid the bill at the checkout and left. When the waitress returned to clean the table, she had a lump in her throat when she saw that next to the empty vase lay neatly folded coins, twenty-five cents - her tip.

You should not draw conclusions about a person until you know the reasons for his actions.