Funny story about mom and son

A funny story about mom and son in the park:

- Ma-ama, I want to write!;

- Quiet, Dima. You are already big. You can't talk like that, people are all around, they are listening.

Speak - I want to whistle. Got it?

- Yes Yes. I want to whistle very much!

Mom took her son to the tree, he did his business. On that and calmed down.

Night. Dimochka spanks into the parents' bedroom and tugs at the daddy's hand, who is sleeping on the edge:

- Dad, I want to whistle!;

Frightened dad, half asleep, squinting at his watch:

- Dima, are you crazy? Half of the second night!

- But I really want it!;

Daddy in a dull whisper tries to ward off this nightmare:

-Dima, mom is asleep, grandmother is asleep, everyone is asleep.

Go to sleep too, and tomorrow we will whistle together as much as you want.

Dima, sobbing and shifting:

- Dad, I can't stand it. I'll whistle right now!

Dad, rolling over on his side, falling asleep: Well, okay. Whistle. Only quietly, quietly in my ear.