A little about us men;)

A little about us men;) - there is nothing more to add ...

Caesar: come to me? I downloaded the Avengers in good quality, we'll see.

Plutovka: Well, of course. I know you. ; P This muddle is more years old than me.

Caesar: Olya, go to fig. They pulled it up. I have a fucking Led 42 at my house, 5.1 system, and I bought all this to glue the heifers. I have completely different methods, and even more so, you are my friend. Ol, I just really want to watch a movie with someone who shares my interest in marvel heroes.

Plutovka: then call for suspicions and expect to visit in an hour.

Caesar: Ok.

Next day:

Plutovka: Now tell me more that you couldn't even imagine that everything would end with this.

Caesar: Of course he could. Moreover, the Marvels were absolutely parallel to me until yesterday evening. : lol

Plutovka: Who are you after that? :)))

Caesar: scoundrel essssno. Will you come today?

Plutovka: Where am I going to: *