Liz Murray / Lisa Murai - a story about a strong girl

Liz Murray / Liza Murai is an interesting story about a strong girl who, despite the fact that her life did not go well from the very beginning, she did not break down and eventually achieved incredible success. We read about this below.

The girl was born in the Bronx. Her parents were HIV-infected drug addicts who could not provide for themselves either. At the age of 16, Murray was left completely alone: ​​her mother died of AIDS, and her father fled a long time ago and lived in a homeless shelter. The girl rallied herself and went to school, but she often had to spend the night in the subway, in the park on a bench, or in other people's houses. Without a good schooling, Liz was able to go to Harvard. Today she is one of the speakers who inspiringly says that “no matter how hard your life is, and no matter how many losses were on your way, you must move forward and keep working, happiness. "

Who was hooked by this story, we advise you to watch the film that was filmed about her not easy fate: The full title of the film is "Harvard Bum /

Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story "