The story of the eagle that grew up with chickens

The story of an eagle that grew up with chickens: One day a man found an eagle's egg and planted it on a chicken. The eaglet grew up with the chickens and became like them: it clucked like them, dug in the ground in search of worms, flapped its wings and tried to fly.

Years have passed. Once an eagle, already grown, saw a proud bird in the sky.

With extraordinary grace, she overcame the gusts of wind, only occasionally flapping her large wings.

Enchanted, the eagle asked:

- Who is it?

“This is an eagle, the king of all birds, ” the neighbor answered him. - It belongs to the sky. And we chickens belong to the earth.

So the eagle lived like a chicken and died like a chicken, because he believed in his chicken origin.

Some interesting facts about eagles:

Eagles can live up to 80 years. At the age of about 40, the claws and feathers of the eagle grow back and become large and heavy - it can no longer fly, and therefore, feed itself.

And each eagle has a choice: to die or go through the difficult path of transformation - to fly away for several months to a safe place, pull out its claws and feathers, and wait until new ones grow ...

Very often, in order to live, we must change, sometimes this process is accompanied by pain, fear, doubts ... We get rid of memories, habits and traditions of the past ... Only liberation from the burden of the past allows us to live and enjoy the present and prepare ourselves for the future ...