How four people can change the world (Interesting)

How Four People Can Change the World is an interesting article on The Greensboro Riders, which provides a prime example of how four people can influence the injustice that lives on in an entire nation.

On February 1, 1960, four African American students sat down at a small cafe called Woolworth's in Greensboro. The cafe waiter told them that he would not serve blacks and advised the students to clean up on their own. However, four young people remained in their places until the institution was closed - they had no right to expel them.

The next morning, 12 gloomy blacks were already sitting at the tables of the cafe, on the third day - 60. On the fourth day there were already 400 African Americans in the cafe - they occupied all the cafes and even stood on the street. Woolworth's management sounded the alarm - just a little longer, and the coffee chain would have to be closed.

African Americans across the country took up the protest, and U.S. establishments quickly began to overturn race rules. Four years later, the famous Civil Rights Act was signed, which abolished racial segregation.

Four people can change the world too.