An interesting story about how to choose friends

An interesting story about how to choose friends - which I read and was slightly confused because of the fairly well-known phrases that "A friend is known in trouble" but here is a slightly different meaning and just as correct.

One young man asked a very wealthy man what the secret of his success was. How did he manage to turn from a beggar boy into a successful businessman?

The answer was simple: "I learned how to choose the right friends."

- Have you heard the expression "a friend is known in trouble"? The businessman asked him.

- Yes! I am guided by this rule, - the young man honestly admitted.

- Forget it, it is fundamentally wrong. A friend is known in joy!

The young man was embarrassed and very surprised at this.

“Look, ” the teacher continued, “when you have a problem, you feel bad, you run and share it with your friend. Now you both have a problem. Both of you are sad, both puzzled. Correctly?

- Yes! - answered the young man, - and my friend helps me to solve it!

- The first problem may be helped to solve, but all subsequent ones are definitely not. He will just sit and feel sorry for you.

- This is also good, he supports me! - the young man insisted.

- This is terrible! After all, you, too, begin to feel sorry for yourself, instead of solving your problem.

I was lucky, - the teacher continued, - in my life there were friends who did not feel sorry for me, and even more so did not solve my problems. They only rejoiced with me on my success! In fact, if you have a problem, solve it yourself, and only then go to a friend and celebrate your victory together. It is very easy to feel sorry for another person. But to sincerely rejoice in other people's successes - this needs to be learned. This is the real friendship, the one that helped me become successful!