Criteria for choosing a beanbag

The bag chair is liked by many families for its adaptability, lightness and style. However, it is important not to be mistaken in choosing it, because online stores provide a fairly large selection of various products.

The most winning option by far is the Sanchobag ball chair. This chair is made with high quality and taste. The colors can be matched to your interior. This ball chair is an example of a quality product that meets all the selection criteria.

The main mistake that buyers make is the wrong choice of filler. A good chair should have polystyrene balls about the same size. The shade is white with milky. If it turned out that the manufacturer decided to save money and used foam chips, it is better not to purchase such a bag. After all, the foam does not hold the load at all. The balls will not be intact, they will wrinkle under the weight. The bag will not last more than a couple of weeks.

Also, when grinding the material, dust is formed, which will come out through the pores of the cover and fly around the house. Foam crumbs are often formed from construction objects and packaging from household appliances, which does not guarantee the absence of harmful substances.

It is worth paying attention to the drainage system. The ideal chair is a bag made of thick fabric, leatherette or waterproof. The drainage rings must be resistant to moisture. As for the eyelet, it can be chrome-plated in various colors.

As for the fabric for the inner cover, it must be of high quality or durable. Many manufacturers use spunbond - however, care must be taken as this coating is moisture permeable and tears easily. Thick nylon, impregnated polyester will do.

Fastening is good if a wide Velcro is used, it is sewn on all four sides. If there are children and pets in the home, it is important that the chair is easy to clean. It is obliged to withstand the increased loads of "fun". Overall, little ones love this gadget - it's not as boring as an overstuffed chair or a standard chair.

The colors should be chosen not only based on the interior of the room, but also focusing on the tastes of family members. A brighter and more cheerful design is suitable for children's rooms, and a more restrained one for adults. It is also worth focusing on the maximum weight of the household.

However, the most important criterion is comfort. In a chair - a bag should be comfortable. Otherwise, there is no point in using it. A properly chosen, durable and practical beanbag chair is very practical to use and can last for many years without any additional maintenance.