How to choose a silver spoon for your child

Everything about the baby is considered very important, and feeding comes first. So that everything only necessary gets into the child's body, there is a silver spoon for feeding it.

Such a boat is considered safe for a child, before buying it, you need to make sure that you have a hygiene certificate, which confirms its safe use. On the website of the Aurum jewelry store, you can purchase high-quality products and get acquainted with the certification. To obtain such a certificate, the spoon must be made of a special alloy under the right conditions. In addition, such a certificate must have data on a specific product.

A silver spoon must necessarily have a sample that indicates its quality material. Depending on the percentage of the capacity of silver in the alloy, a different sample is put. For example, 925 standard indicates that 92.5% silver, and everything else is a different alloy.

When buying, keep in mind that the highest test indicates that it is easier to break it, but at the same time it will not darken longer. You won't be able to find out what alloy the spoon is made of in the store, only the manufacturer can supply this information. Specify what the scoop itself is covered with, because it delivers food to the baby's mouth. It is covered specifically so that the subject does not darken longer. You need to know that the safest coating is galvanic; it leaves the properties of silver without disturbing them.

There are times when a manufacturer, not taking into account safety and harmfulness, uses a decorative coating, for example, gilding, it interferes with the properties of silver. Beautiful ornaments, can not be present on the baby spoon. Protecting silver from darkening, the manufacturer does not consider safety, making available a place for bacteria to grow. If the product is coated with varnish, then it is considered only a souvenir and is not subject to direct use.

A child is a small creature and his health depends only on you.