What does it take for a child to have a good memory?

It has been proven that most of the capabilities of the human brain are inherent in nature. This also applies to memory. From his parents he will inherit 70-80%, the remaining 20-30% he must train or improve himself.

Most experiments show that eating well and eating can affect the brain's capacity. Besides food, of course, there are other means.

Remember that from the very childhood, we were taught to eat well and sleep well. We were taught to learn poems, songs. All of this, of course, worked.

Definitely, you need to start with yourself. So, thinking about the child, give up bad habits, start a healthy lifestyle.

From birth, teach your child about the daily routine, nutrition. The kid must learn how to wake up and get up on time. Try to let him watch TV or play games before bed. Sleep should be calm. Better tell the kid a fairy tale. Until the age of 14, the child should sleep during the day (a couple of hours of sleep allows the child to rest and become strong and healthy).

The diet must be varied, tasty and healthy at the same time. Avoid snacking on candy. Be sure to include fruits and vegetables in the diet. At least one carrot and one apple per day. Remember the main rule - by saving on products for the child, you save on the health of your baby.

Teach your child to first memorize ordinary, light things (numbers and letters, colors, names of relatives, days of the week, months). Later, learn to remember events and circumstances. If possible, buy educational games and constructors for your child. Play with him not only sports-active games (football on the street), but also logic (chess).

For the normal functioning of the brain, blood circulation in it must not be impaired. It is obligatory to wear a hat in winter and generally in the cold, in the sun without a panama.

Vitamins of group B are very helpful for cerebral circulation.

A big plus for the health of the child will be training of the vestibular apparatus. Create a daily physical activity for him. You can send your child to football. And if you buy boots and a new uniform, the child will be very happy and interested in classes.

And try from the very birth of the baby to show by your example what is good (active lifestyle) and what is bad (smoking, alcohol, drugs).

In general, you need to spend as much time with your child as possible!