Oil change in 4 easy steps

Checking the oil level regularly and changing it on time is important for a long engine life. Plus, changing the oil is no longer a big deal, so you can do it yourself and save money.

Various engine oils

The need for an oil change depends, among other things, on the kilometers traveled. In the car manual, you can find recommendations specifically for this model. As a rule, the oil should be changed every 12-18 months - and this also applies when the car has only traveled a few kilometers. When choosing a new engine oil, you should also consult your vehicle's manual before purchasing.

- In general, multigrade oil is often used, which can be used both in summer and winter. In addition, multigrade oil is relatively inexpensive.

- Synthetic oil, usually significantly more expensive than multigrade oil. This oil is especially useful if you often travel short distances in winter, as its special properties significantly improve the cold start characteristics.

- Longlife motor oils are relatively innovative - therefore, if you use this product, as a rule, you have to spend more. The decisive advantage of Longlife oil is, above all, that the drain intervals are significantly extended.

- In addition, a new oil filter must be installed in the vehicle every time the oil is changed.

Changing the oil in a car in 4 steps

Before starting work, you must drive a few kilometers or let the vehicle run. This allows the oil to heat up and it is much better to drain it along with the accumulated dirt. The container into which the old oil is drained is also very important https://favorit-tools.ru/autoservice/lubricant/slivmasla/. The oil change should be carried out in the garage so that the "working off" cannot seep into the ground. This will pose a threat to the environment.

1. To drain the old oil, first open the oil filler cap and then the drain plug.

2. After that it is necessary to unscrew the old oil filter and remove the accumulated dirt from the sealing surface.

3. Then insert a new filter and O-ring. The O-ring must be pre-lubricated with oil. Next, you need to tighten the drain plug.

4. Finally, according to vehicle specifications, new oil must be filled. Immediately after driving a short distance, after a few minutes it is necessary to check the oil level and, if necessary, top up. During the inspection, the vehicle should be parked on as level surface as possible.