Several important criteria for choosing a hosting provider

If you have created your site for a Ukrainian audience, or are just planning to do it in the near future, you will definitely need site hosting in Ukraine. In other words, for the site to work and be constantly available for operation, you will need to place it on the provider's server, which will be constantly online.

Hosting Provider or Host is a company that provides space and hosting related services for your web page. Creating a website is half the battle, and getting it to function at full capacity is possible only with high-quality hosting. To do this, it is worth taking the selection of a hosting service provider seriously.

You can stay on paid or free hosting. As practice shows, the service often directly depends on the commercial issue. Therefore, if the material base and the load of the site allows, then it is better to order an inexpensive hosting, but at least a little paid. You can't save a lot on free hosting, but getting into the hands of yesterday's schoolboy, with all the ensuing consequences, is a little scary.

The first thing to pay attention to when choosing a hoster is uptime. In other words, using special services, you need to check how long the server has been running smoothly on average. If the indicator exceeds 99% - just like on Do not trust those providers that indicate 100% uptime. Even the best equipment breaks down periodically.

If you want to create a page for visitors of a particular country, it is best to work with a local hoster.

Even before you start working with this or that hoster, it is very important, you need to find out how quickly its support service works. It is very simple to define it. Write a couple of requests for cooperation. If you have been unsubscribed within an hour - this is not bad, within two or three hours - it is tolerable, but if you sat down the next day - it is better not to contact such a provider. One thing is certain - after the payment, the hoster's attitude towards you will obviously not improve.

And one more important criterion - how often Backup of information is done - the provider's backup of information to another server. When working on the site, everything happens. However, you should not completely rely on the hoster in this matter. It's best to periodically back up yourself.