Chinese site 1688 - features of wholesale purchases

Ukrainian society has long appreciated the benefits and convenience of Chinese goods, so the demand for them has been traditionally high for more than a decade and is only gaining momentum. The population's demand for Chinese goods is constantly growing and the issue of their satisfaction is quite acute. Despite the fact that a lot of businessmen have been selling Chinese products for a long time and quite successfully, their ranks are replenished with new businessmen, for whom the Chinese market is also finding a good place. Buying wholesale lots on Chinese sites and selling goods at retail is a profitable business that brings considerable profits to the owners. You can make your business even more profitable if you buy a product on a Chinese website focused on the Chinese domestic market. This is a gigantic 1688 marketplace where local entrepreneurs shop.

How to buy a product on the Chinese website 1688

The Chinese website 1688, attractive to foreign buyers, was created specifically to saturate the domestic trade market of China with its own products. Here their products are offered by manufacturing plants and large suppliers, and smaller entrepreneurs buy for the subsequent resale of goods on the domestic or foreign market. The price offers for the goods presented in the catalog are minimal here, so that it would be beneficial to Chinese traders, who, upon sale, will be able to include their percentage for resale in the sale price.

However, no matter how attractive the 1688 website is for foreign buyers, only a resident of China can make a purchase on it. To bypass the rules of the site and buy the same goods at low prices, you need an experienced and competent intermediary who thoroughly understands the issues of buying goods from the site and their delivery to a foreign buyer. Such a qualified intermediary, who has been working in the Chinese market for many years, is Pokupayko.

With the rich experience of the Pokupayko company, it will not be difficult not only to help you make a profitable purchase of goods on the internal Chinese website, but also to transport them to Kiev or another Ukrainian city. The company's specialists have sufficient qualifications to competently and easily carry out the redemption of your goods from 1688 and deliver it to the specified address of the customer outside of China. Cooperating with Pokupayko, you get additional guarantees for the safety of goods and careful handling during transportation.

Checkout from 1688 and delivery to Ukraine

In the process of placing an order on the 1688 website, it should proceed according to the following scheme:

  • the customer must register on the intermediary's website;
  • select the desired product on site 1688;
  • fill out the order form on the intermediary's website, indicating the order parameters and delivery address. For example, here;
  • after negotiations with the seller and clarification with him of the possible order quantity and product price, the intermediary's manager issues an invoice to the buyer for payment of the following items: the cost of the ordered consignment of goods, payment for services for the redemption and delivery of goods in China;
  • when the customer pays the invoice, the personal manager will redeem the ordered goods from the trading platform;
  • the goods received at the warehouse of the intermediary in China will be prepared for transportation and sent to Ukraine;
  • an intermediary will help you go through customs clearance in Ukraine and send it to your warehouse in Kiev;
  • after the receipt of the order at the warehouse, the intermediary issues an invoice for the delivery service, and, having received the money, delivers the goods to the customer.

Order without fear of goods from the Chinese trading site 1688 and cooperate with Pokupayko - this will ensure the success of your business and get a good profit.