Fictitious vacancies / Illustrative example

Employment is a serious and difficult process with its own risks and consequences. The desire to earn as much as possible and move up the career ladder faster sometimes confronts people with scammers. As well as quite recently, we contacted the company ""; at the moment, they changed their name to, which offered to select a vacancy for our employee.

Let's go through the points: How to identify a fraud among decent and honest employers?

A tempting prospect. Free cheese only comes in a mousetrap. If the working conditions seem too good - a free schedule, employment 4-5 hours a day, lack of work experience and age restrictions, a salary of 100-200 thousand, then you should be wary, and it is better not to waste your time on dubious offers.


It should be remembered that the higher the salary, the more requirements are put forward to the applicants and the tougher the selection competition.

Bad reputation of the company. Before applying for a vacancy, you should familiarize yourself with the activities of the company. The site can help with this, where you can get the necessary information. The reviews section will be very helpful. If customers are dissatisfied with the services provided, previously employed employees express negative impressions, then the company's reputation is called into question. Lack of activity, updated information and any contacts makes you think.

We paid attention to the weak appearance of the site - but considered it the fact that the prices are lower - the costs are lower. MISTAKE

A company that works for the benefit of the population and its employees will not hide anything, but, on the contrary, will try to stay heard and have positive associations.

Initial attachments. Very often there are cases when a one-time payment is required. The reason may be a consultation, the need for training, the acquisition of a working form, the provision of additional values ​​or other "forced" costs. It is worth remembering - do not spend money from your wallet. A self-respecting company with a high level of income, provides free services for self-development and advanced training, arranges corporate parties and other events at its own expense.

If up to this point, there are no doubts and difficulties, then you should not relax. The main stage is ahead - an interview. Once in a company, it is worth evaluating the premises, equipment, working personnel, their relationship and appearance, and paying attention to the corporate culture. If there are a couple of tables, one computer and a phone in the room, a couple of employees are moving around the office, then you should expect that you have encountered a one-day company. It is not necessary that the office is located in the very center of the city and has been renovated with the latest trends. The main thing is that everything looks natural and there is a working atmosphere.

As soon as they started talking about the contribution, they began to look closely at the company with caution, and offered payment for the final. Received a refusal. And the desire to work with the office passed away, we began to look for a new company that would take on our requirements. We found another company - but began to receive calls with lucrative offers - which should interest us.

Lack of interest in employee skills. Fraudsters are not interested in an employee's capabilities and talents. The representative of the organization does not ask any professional questions, but only talks about the prospects and benefits of the job, and is almost immediately ready to apply for a job.

In pursuit of a good, paid job, remember that the money you contribute does not guarantee you will get the job you expect.

In fact, you can get a vacancy for picking strawberries at best.

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