Repair Tips

Repair is a serious matter

Repair chores. Many are just trying their hand at this. The advice of those who have already gained experience will probably be useful.

To remove the whitewash, you need to grease the surface with paste, and after drying, remove with a spatula along with the whitewash.

Cracks in ceilings or walls can be easily removed with liquid wood glue and added chalk or tooth powder. Add filler powder or chalk to the glue, stirring continuously. Bring the mass to the state of a thick putty, which after application will harden in a day.

If the old floor in the room creaks, grease the cracks between the boards with hot linseed oil.

To remove old putty, moisten it with a solution of baking soda and lime, taken in equal proportions.

If the door has sagged too much, it is removed and metal washers are put on the rods.

Attempts to make holes in glass using a conventional drill and drill do not lead to good: the glass will crack. It is necessary to insert into a hand drill a small triangular file, well sharpened. Soak the tip in turpentine and get to work. The hole will have perfectly straight edges.

Oil paints and enamels must not be mixed with nitro paints.

Handles (wooden) of files, chisels, hammers do not crack if boiled in drying oil.

To make it easier to hammer a nail into hardwood, wax or paraffin wax can be used. It is enough to rub the tip of the nail and it will be more fun. And so that the lubricant is always at hand, you need to make a small depression in the handle of the hammer, into which you pour wax or paraffin.

To protect the metal roof from rust, you should use paints made for this purpose - resistant to heat and frost. On cans with such paints, a mark is made about this.

Tiling wooden houses is not worth it. After all, the walls must "breathe". A brick house, of course, can be "dressed" in glazed tiles. And this is not advised to do the masters of the construction business. It is better to veneer only the basement, decorate the walls with a cement-based solution.

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