DIY goat toy

Child psychologists unanimously concluded that every child over three years old should have personal soft toys made from a variety of materials. Since the time has come for the kid not only to have fun, but also to more scrupulously explore the world around her.

It will not be difficult to buy a soft toy. Since there is such a rich assortment on store shelves that a soft friend will be found for the most picky child. But only a soft animal, sewn with the mother's caring hands, will be the most beloved and irreplaceable.

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DIY goat toy made from gloves

Why exactly Roe? Why, there are so many different beliefs associated with it among the Slavs. Even special charms in the form of a goat were hung over the cradle of babies.

We take a lonely glove, a pair of which is lost somewhere, and attach a long beard made of woolen threads to the tips of the ring and middle fingers. Cut out ears with a tongue from a dense scarlet patch. We glue the eyes on the back of the ring and middle fingers. In the same place we embroider the eyebrows and the mouth. We fasten the tongue. We attach the ears on the sides of the head, and between them we place a fluffy forelock made of cotton wool.

If you put a glove on your hand, bend the ring and middle fingers, and press your thumb under them, then our newly-made toy goat, made with our own hands, will come to life and tell about its adventures.

Second variant of soft toy

We steam out a rather old shabby toy and copy its pattern. Or we select a new model in printing sources of information: children's magazines, collections for needlewomen, etc. If you wish, you can also get a pattern in a toy store. There will be a complete set for making a soft pet.

When you create a toy goat with your own hands, then all the creative fruits of imagination are embodied. And when the craft is made from a ready-made purchased set, then the schemes of an experienced designer will be mechanically implemented.

During this fun process, the kids should be nearby. They will not only watch the miracle happen with passion, but will also want to join the creative process. This will discipline them and teach them to be patient. They will remember to follow instructions clearly. In addition, activity with small things trains memory and attentiveness, develops perseverance and hand motility. Creating another miracle develops imagination and creativity. Hot on the heels it is necessary to tell kids about safety precautions. All tools are recommended to be trusted by little fidgets. But all their actions must be watched and prompted for the next step in the work.

It will be appropriate from time to time and dad to involve at least a couple of minutes in your work. Otherwise, who will teach the kids to use pliers correctly?

Do-it-yourself goat toy will leave a warm mark in the soul of a little man. After all, the whole family worked on its creation. And such moments will forever remain in our memory.

And in itself, this lesson has a lot of positive aspects:

· There will be a use for all old little things and scraps;

· The child will learn to trace and carefully cut out the elements of the craft;

· A child can present a cute craft to his best friend.