At the start, or How to assemble a strong team for a startup

I have an idea? A well-thought-out startup will help turn an idea into a business. It's difficult to start alone. It is much more effective to create a team of like-minded people who are ready to take risks and invest in the business at the start.

Strike while the iron is hot

Many begin to build a project and invite a well-known person in their circles to a solid position. Do not hope that a person who has a name and a stable income will work with a sparkle in his eyes.

While the young and hot are ready to start from scratch and donate their strength to the project. Try to find an easily trained person who is ready to spend the night in a bed near the metro and have breakfast with tea and cookies. The ability to get along with people, the willingness to complete creative tasks and the ability to see new horizons in business development will be an advantage for the team.

Provide development

Create an environment that encourages personal growth. If the ideological inspirer of a startup by personal example shows the prospects for the development of the project, then everyone in the team will learn to think in a given direction and will be able to find their own points of growth.

Don't Be Afraid to Lose

Take casualties in your team calmly. Any business is built to develop. It's nice when partners or a team started together and are heading for world domination. But life is changing, and so are people. At the start, the activist was ready to rent a bed from the owner and remain a happy person. Over the years, priorities have changed, perhaps new interests have appeared, and the person leaves. Sometimes I go nowhere to create something of my own, completely opposite to what I have been doing for the last ten years. And that's okay.

Turnover is considered a positive factor in a company's activity if it does not exceed 5% per year. This does not mean workers at the machine, but really helpful employees who keep production. And yes, there are no irreplaceable employees!

Build a strong team

A startup is doomed to success if a great team of professionals is assembled. Do not focus on your own person. Choose those who are stronger than the leader in objective parameters. In the process of work, you will have to look for compromises, listen to criticism and constantly motivate a strong employee to continue working together. But believe me, it's worth it. Business is like a family - the one who knows how to adjust and negotiate wins.

Think big. Look for the necessary connections, by e-mail - [email protected], for example, where they will tell you the terms of renting a room for a long time.

And do not be afraid to start: the road will be mastered by the one walking!