Pole Dance: which direction to choose

Pole dancing is a very popular activity today, suitable for both adults of all ages and children. To master Pole Dance, you do not need special training, only a professional dance studio and a good trainer who will help you maximize your potential, draw up a suitable training program and teach all the intricacies of this sport.

Pole dancing is best suited for those who want to keep fit, have a beautiful and fit body, develop strength and endurance, improve their health, but do not like the gym and find ordinary fitness boring. Pole Dance combines sport and art. Classes are held to music, and the figures are saturated with dance elements that develop grace and plasticity.

This is a fun pastime that helps to overcome complexes, fears and fully reveal your femininity. Although pole dances are also suitable for men - in their case, on the contrary, strength and masculinity develop.

Pole Dance Directions

Depending on whether the emphasis is on the sports or dance component, several Pole Dance directions are taught:

  • Pole Sport is a sports direction that involves high physical activity and participation in competitions of various levels. It is suitable for those who choose sports and want to practice it professionally. Here the emphasis is on complex tricks, gymnastic and acrobatic components. Work is underway to include pole sport in the program of the Olympic Games;
  • Exotic Dance is a dance style where dance moves predominate, and pole tricks that require special physical training are used much less. This version of Pole Dance will appeal to those who want to dance for their own pleasure, to be liberated, to learn to move plasticly and erotically to the music, but does not need serious physical exertion;
  • Pole Art is an artistic, stage direction, which in terms of complexity is something averaged between the two previous ones. Spectacular choreographic performances are staged here, where dance moves are mixed with spectacular tricks on the pole, bright costumes are chosen and an emphasis is placed on attracting the attention of the viewer. This direction will suit you if you want to perform on stage or get sufficient physical activity without going into professional sports.

As you can see, Pole Dance is very diverse and allows you to choose the optimal level of workload, the type of sport and creativity according to your interests.

All directions of pole dancing are taught at the PILONIA school. Experienced trainers work with students, safe and comfortable conditions have been created for classes, there is an opportunity to sign up for a trial training and try out all the Pole Dance options.