The speakers are playing - Splin - Stone

The right sounds can help you relax, sharpen your attention, get you focused, and finally get your to-do list done. Here are some guidelines to help you find this kind of music.

First of all, it should be said that there is no perfect recipe - music works for everyone in different ways. In any case, it depends on whether the music bothers you while you work. If it doesn't get in the way, or even needs it to block out the noise, these tips are for you.


How it works: Studies have shown that those who listen to classical music while working are more productive than those who work in silence. Recommend Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, Bach's Bagdenburg Concerto No. 3 and other Baroque music. The best frequency is 60 beats per minute. However, any music can have a negative effect on concentration.

Where to get it: Classical music is time-tested and relatively easy to find and listen to for free now. If this kind of music is not your thing, try the Vitamin String Quartet, a band that covers popular songs in a "classic" chamber style.

Ambient / Techno

How it works: the name "ambient" is given to a wide range of musical styles, the main feature of which - experiments with composition, synthesizers, algorithms, random sounds - are intended to replace the standard components of popular music. This style, as well as its more modern ramifications such as chill-out and IDM, can also be used as a backdrop to help relax your thinking while staying focused.

Where to get it: This music is widely used at airports to help passengers relax and not think about the upcoming flight. You will find ambient compositions on the waves and the Pandora website.


How it works: If regular music distracts you, but it’s chatting colleagues and office noise can’t escape, a little noise can nicely add to your playlist. The constant white, pink and red noises produced by the generators make you less distracted by other sounds.

Where to get it: If you can install software on your work computer, we recommend Noise for Mac OS X and Chatterblocker for Windows. These programs not only mask the noise surrounding you, but they can also add any sounds you like to the background - guitar chords, nature sounds, etc.

SimplyNoise is a color noise generator. Zendesk's Buddha Machine Wall randomly mixes sounds for a relaxing effect.


Some people advise listening to the radio - not music, but talk shows or news: this masks the noise around you, but you are focused and cannot distinguish between words. Another good idea is movie soundtracks: the absence of words helps not to be distracted, and the music "tunes in the right wave." The main thing is that your music should help you, no matter what it will be.