How to behave in an accident

Before getting behind the wheel, drivers are introduced to how to act in a traffic accident. However, having got into an extreme situation, many lose their presence of mind, real self-control, begin to panic and take measures that are absolutely contrary to common sense, thereby causing considerable harm to themselves. The consequences of inappropriate behavior can lead to:

increasing the severity of a criminal offense;

increasing the degree of responsibility;

increase in material costs.

Behavior in the event of a minor accident - no injured

The sequence of actions can be as follows:

1.Stop the car;

2. enable alarms;

3. Designate the place of the accident with an emergency sign.

In addition to placing a sign, you need to record all the details of what happened, from traces of braking to the search for witnesses. It remains to wait for the called police.

Behavior in the event of a serious accident - with the injured

Heavy collisions of vehicles are not uncommon on the roads, after which there are injured people. Having become an unwitting witness or (God forbid) a participant in such an incident, the first thing to do is:

1. Mark traces of braking;

2.Place a protective sign;

3.Turn on the alarm.

Then immediately call an ambulance and provide all possible first aid to the injured. It is necessary to attract more witnesses, ask them to wait for the police and the insurance agent (they are called by you by phone). If the road is blocked by cars, take photographs of the incident from different sides.

When registering an accident

Police and other road services need time to fully understand the situation. You should not immediately take the blame until all the details of the incident have been established. It happens that all participants or no one are recognized as the culprits. The trial lasts approximately 30 days. During this time, you need to provide all the necessary documents and find a lawyer (just in case).

Situation - I am the victim

Compulsory motor third party liability insurance will be a big plus for the victim. After drawing up a standard protocol, you will have to collect as many documents as possible in order to prove the case to law enforcement agencies. For the insurance company, they will be convincing arguments.

Situation - the culprit escaped

There are usually several people involved in an accident. One of them - the least responsible - can go into hiding. In this case, you should:

1.Wait for road inspectors, warning them about the escaped driver;

2.Carefully record the picture of the accident by filming all its traces on the camera;

3. Find out about the presence of surveillance cameras and obtain a copy of the shooting.

Strict adherence to elementary rules of conduct and your self-control will help the traffic police and insurance companies draw the right conclusions, as well as minimize moral and material damage to the accident participant.