Camping is the most useful and interesting

If your family loves outdoor activities, then you certainly will not give up on a trip to nature. Whether you're heading to a lake, a forest or a mountain, you'll discover tons of new things to do.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a few facts about outdoor recreation. Which ones did you know before?

Crickets can detect temperature

In order to determine how cold it is outside the window, it is not necessary to buy expensive gadgets. In spring and summer, it is enough just to listen to the chirping of crickets.

Just count the number of sounds you hear in 14 seconds and add 40 to that number to get the air temperature in Fahrenheit.

Lyme disease is no joke

With Lyme disease, a person has unpleasant symptoms that do not appear immediately. This disease is transmitted through the bite of an infected ixodid tick. The disease should never be ignored or left untreated.

In order for a tick to infect a person, it needs to be attached to the body for up to 36 hours. Each time, returning from outdoor recreation, carefully check yourself and your loved ones for a tick bite. If you find it, you should see your doctor.

Appearances are deceptive

Often, during outdoor recreation, you can meet with its inhabitants. Many of them look very cute, but for safety reasons, they should not be underestimated.

For example, raccoons are very cute creatures that, moreover, can rumble just like cats, but you should not approach them in the wild. Do not forget that despite their harmless appearance, they are not tame animals.

Raccoons can steal your food and, in some cases, even carry diseases. In order to protect yourself from an unpleasant meeting, it is better to hide food and not leave trash open.

Camping is your salvation

Many people believe that outdoor activities are beneficial for their health. This is true, but it is also able to improve the emotional state and cheer up.

During rest and simple stay in nature, the body receives much more oxygen, serotonin and melanin than indoors, due to which the level of stress is noticeably reduced. In addition, it is not easy to remain serious and depressed for long when relaxing in a pleasant outdoor environment.

Camping is the best we can provide to our body, mind and soul.

Watch out for insects

In addition to crickets, a huge number of different species of insects live in nature, which can turn your vacation into a real test. Despite the fact that many of them are not dangerous, being close to them can be uncomfortable.

To protect yourself from these annoying little creatures, use insect sprays and wear light, calm clothing - mosquitoes and midges are clearly visible on them, and it will be easier for you to find and get rid of them.

Don't forget to rest

If you enjoy long camping trips, remember not to exhaust yourself. Stop when you feel tired. Sleep is very important in order to replenish the lost energy, because without it you will not be able to continue the journey.

For a restful and comfortable sleep, choose tents that are appropriate for the season and don't forget to take your pillow with you.

What can you eat

It is very important to eat at least a few times a day, which is why you can grab a variety of nuts, bars, jerky or soup and canned beans with you on the hike.

These products have a long shelf life and will perfectly replenish the energy supply for a long time.

Be careful with fire

All of us in childhood were taught not to play with matches - during hiking and outdoor recreation it is worth following this important advice. Fire illuminates our path and warms us on long cold nights, but you should be extremely careful.

Before starting a fire, make sure there is water or any other means of fire fighting within walking distance. Use it immediately if the fire gets out of control.

Manage your finances correctly

Try to spend money on the things you really need - don't skimp on the tent, food, clothing and equipment. Be sure to buy a flashlight and stock up on quality, nutritious food.

If your budget allows, buy various little things that you think you need.

How to dress

The best option is to put on several layers. If it is cool outside or the weather is unstable, you should not wear one warm thing.

It would be much more expedient to put on something light, a warmer thing on top, and so on, so that, in case of warming, one of the resulting layers can be removed.

Don't rely on yourself

Even if you think that you are perfectly guided by natural marks and surroundings, you should not be overconfident. It is worth insuring yourself, as anything can happen.

A compass or map in your backpack will not take up much space, but it will never be redundant.

Things to do

Many people in the modern world depend on gadgets and cannot imagine life without them. However, you can usefully and have fun without them.

While hiking or while relaxing in the fresh air, you can find many interesting activities such as fishing, hiking, photography, bird watching and animal watching. This is what makes our life truly beautiful and fills it with bright colors.

Vacationing with children - remember a few simple rules

Don't take your kids on long hikes right away - start small. Take a short trip where you teach the kids to set up a tent, cook, and navigate the area.

You can choose several interesting games to entertain children on a hike or on a walk, because playing is the best way to instill in a child interest and love for anything.

It will also not be superfluous to explain to the children how important it is to clean up the garbage after themselves, put out the fire and leave the chosen place in the same clean state as before you arrived.