Get rid of toxins and cleanse the body in 9 days!

The Turkish doctor Saracholu offers a very powerful course of rejuvenation and healing of the body through getting rid of toxins that have accumulated over many years.

Thus, the breakdown of fats occurs, the need for food decreases, immunity increases and even weight decreases. This drink cleanses our body and, like a vacuum cleaner, draws out all toxins and accumulations. Removes kidney stones, improves well-being. You will feel young and full of energy again. The doctor especially advises this course to patients with hepatitis B or C. Naturally, the course will have a wonderful effect on your skin - an indicator of our health.

contraindication - gastritis.

the course itself:

pass 3-4 branches of parsley through a blender, and two medium cloves of garlic, add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of lemon and water. we need one glass of this liquid, so we will add about a little more than half a glass of water. We drink the whole glass before breakfast and before dinner. and so on for 3 days. then for 3 days we make juice only from parsley and lemon, we do not add garlic. then again 3 days with garlic. a total of 9 days.

then we rest for a couple of weeks and carry out the course again.