Eight foods that fight inflammation in the body

Inflammatory processes occurring in the body can be associated with a number of reasons, but they will certainly affect the quality of life. Fever, pain and swelling - the main manifestations of almost any inflammation - indicate that your own immune system is fiercely resisting infection. But it’s not that simple.

Sometimes these symptoms do not go away for weeks or even months. They can be concentrated in a local area, for example, the gums, skin or sinuses, or appear in a different place each time. With such serious symptoms, you should certainly consult a specialist, but if we are talking about simpler cases, such as a banal cold, bruise or sprain, you can help the body cope with the inflammatory process faster by making some nutritional adjustments.

So, in our today's review we will talk about simple, affordable, and most importantly, natural products that can, in some cases, both completely replace drug treatment, and

supplement medications.