This breakfast will strengthen the body and reduce the waist.

Our body is constantly suffering from the food we eat. Meat products, vegetables and fruits cannot be called 100% healthy now. With them, a large amount of toxins and heavy metals enter our esophagus. Even products grown on their own land cannot boast of the absence of harmful components. After all, modern ecology leaves much to be desired. Toxic substances from food gradually accumulate in all organs of our body. And over time, damaged systems fail, and the person gets sick. How to avoid such a fate?

There is a wonderful recipe. Rather, there are several of them - based on rice. Thanks to these miracle recipes, you will not only cleanse the body of toxins, but also lose weight !!!

First option:

Boiled rice has the ability to draw salts out of the joints. And the more rice is soaked in water, the greater the effect it becomes. Take a glass of water and add 2-3 tablespoons of rice. A day later, add a second glass of rice, and in the first, change the water. A day later, add a third glass, and change the water in the first and second. And so on up to five glasses. On the sixth day, take rice from the very first glass and add another glass of fresh rice in place of it. This rice is cooked and eaten without salt and bread, preferably in the morning, before meals (but, better - instead of food!)

After taking rice, you cannot eat for 3-4 hours, as you need to give the rice time to draw out the salts. The course of treatment is 40 days. When treating joints, you do not need to put a lot of stress on the muscles, take care of your health, any treatment, as they say, should give pleasure!

I didn’t cook rice - I ate it raw, so it’s more useful, and I didn’t eat it, and I didn’t drink after such a breakfast for 4 hours. I must say it helps!

Second option:

Day 1: preparing for the diet

Today you need to tune in to cleanse your joints of excess sodium. Table salt is a traditional, and far from the most useful cooking companion, except that fruit salad can do without salt. But an excess of salts in the body, which is more and more common in modern humans, harms everything: our health, our beauty and, as a result, our mood. But even without getting carried away with food from fast foods and various snacks, we consume 20 times more table salt than our body needs. An absolutely healthy person who leads an active lifestyle with sweat and urine can remove 4-5 g of salt from the body per day. And all that is not excreted remains with us: in the joints, in the kidneys, in the gallbladder. Let's try to get rid of this unnecessary baggage. From now on, at the end of the diet, choose sea salt, trying to eat it as less of the usual table salt.

There is an old yogic practice of getting rid of sodium deposits in the body. Eat specially cooked rice for two weeks. The rice diet consists of eating soaked rice for breakfast for some time and limiting the total consumption of table salt. It is an excellent remedy for cleansing the body of various deposits in blood vessels, joints and tissues. Previously, the component that forms mucus in the body is washed out of the rice, the rice becomes porous and easily absorbs any formations (microorganisms, excess cholesterol, mucus, bile, etc.).

For your rice breakfast, prepare four small glass jars or glasses. It is advisable to put a number on each jar with a marker. Brown rice is suitable for cooking. If you can't get one, take it as it is. You can also get good results with regular refined rice.

In the morning of the first day, pour two to three tablespoons of pre-washed rice into the first jar and fill the jar with cold water. Cover the jar, but not very tightly. Forget about her until tomorrow.

Day 2: adding herbs to the diet

Rinse the rice from the first jar today and fill it with fresh water. Take the second, add two or three tablespoons of fresh rice there, cover with water and place next to the first. And again, forget about the phials. Since rice breakfasts start on Friday, revisit your menu today, because you need to reduce your salt intake. Try replacing regular salt with an abundance of various herbs, roots, and seasonings. Use fresh or dried basil, cilantro, thyme, dill, and parsley. They will do an excellent job of removing toxins from the body. Moreover, they will make your salt-free table quite edible.

Day 3: make an appointment with a doctor

Rinse the rice from both jars today, change the water, fill the third jar.

Today is the best time to make an appointment with the dentist. If you, after soberly assessing the situation, understand that one visit is not enough, ask the nurse to schedule you for two appointments in a row. Having solved all the problems in one visit, you will get rid of the need to visit your not your favorite doctor again.

Day 4: finishing preparation

On the fourth, rinse the rice from the first three and fill in the fourth. If you've just decided to start peeling, you can cook the rice using a more simplified scheme and start peeling tomorrow with those who cooked the rice since Monday. Take a serving of rice (two tablespoons), rinse well, pour 500 ml (preferably distilled or melted) water and put on fire. Bring to a boil and remove from heat. Change the water, rinse the rice well again and put it back on the fire, let the water boil, boil for a minute, set aside. Change the water again, rinse the rice, pour 500 ml of water and put on fire. And so - 4 times. Cook on the 4th rice, drain the water. Do not salt! You are now ready to cleanse.

Day 5: taste the healthy breakfast

Rinse the contents of the first jar, boil and eat without salt, sugar and oil. You can just pour hot water and wait 10 minutes, the rice will be ready. Pour a new portion of rice into an empty jar and place it at the end of the line for the last jar. Eat rice every day, change the jars every day. The process should take at least two weeks, maybe even more. The rice should be soaked for 4 days. Rice is cooked for a very short time - in a small volume of water, you should get an ordinary liquid porridge. Some people eat raw rice, which is completely edible after four days of soaking. In addition, raw rice has an anthelmintic effect.

All breakfast should consist of one rice porridge - nothing else. Drink a glass of water or herbal tea twenty to thirty minutes before breakfast. And most importantly, after breakfast for four hours you can neither eat nor drink. After two or three hours, a brutal appetite can play out, but not even a sip of water can be taken. After four hours, you can have a normal lunch. For lunch and dinner, you can eat everything, excluding only table salt and limiting sour and spicy to a minimum. Alcohol can not be consumed either - otherwise the whole effect of rice will be to remove alcoholic poisons.