5 ways to build muscle during sex

How to combine business with pleasure? Here are some sex positions that also serve as gymnastic exercises - or vice versa, exercises during which you can make love. Let's start morning exercises!

WARNING: Exercises such as bridge and birch are great. But they do require pre-warming up the muscles to avoid injury. Therefore, before sex gymnastics, first do a small warm-up, as before the usual one: warm up your neck, shoulders, arms, back, legs with a set of exercises that everyone is familiar with from childhood. There are quite a few videos on the web on how to get on the bridge and how to warm up beforehand.


Trained: buttocks, abdominal muscles.

The starting position is missionary. Ask your partner to get on all fours over you. Tighten your glutes and vaginal muscles for more effect. And move up and down.


Trained: buttocks, abdominal muscles.

The starting position is the same, but on the floor. Place a couple of pillows under your buttocks to lift them slightly. Keep your knees bent. Let your partner enter you - and contract the pubic-coccygeal muscles, while trying to draw a figure eight backwards.


Train: arms, buttocks, calves, hips.

Stand facing each other. Wrap your arms around his shoulders, jump and hang, wrapping your legs around his waist and crossing his ankles. Tighten your inner muscles, straighten your shoulders and unfold your chest. By contracting the muscles in your thighs, calves and buttocks, you not only help him keep you on weight, but also burn calories in these places.


Train: arms, buttocks, calves, hips.

Stretch out slightly and lie face up on the gym mat. Supporting your lower back with your hands, lift your lower body so that your legs and butt are perpendicular to the floor. Let your partner kneel down, grab your calves and bring your knees closer to your shoulders, while you hold his hips for support.


Trained: whole body.

Warm up your muscles and lie down on the mat, pulling your heels to your buttocks, and resting your palms on the floor next to your head so that your elbows and slightly apart knees point directly to the ceiling. Get on the bridge. Make sure your chest is in line with your shoulders and your knees are straight. Let your partner hedge.