Healthy habits that reduce the risk of headaches

A headache can derail important plans. Use expert advice to seriously reduce your risk of experiencing severe discomfort.

Drink plenty of water

If it is summer outside, it is especially important to drink as much liquid as possible. If you do not drink, you can instantly get a headache. When you notice thirst, it is too late. You should be in the habit of drinking plain water regularly throughout the day.

Don't skip meals

Try to eat regularly. Skipping meals can seriously harm you if you are prone to migraines. It is enough just to forget about breakfast to face a variety of health problems. It is quite understandable that you forget about food when in a hurry, however, there is always the opportunity to plan ahead.

Keep track of the amount of alcohol

If you cannot give up alcohol completely, try to consume it at the same time as fatty foods so that alcohol gets into your blood more slowly and you do not have an intense hangover. Never drink on an empty stomach.

Take pills before training

If physical activity gives you a headache, try an anti-inflammatory pill that relieves pain. They will help you get the benefits of sports without suffering from migraines.

Travel arrangements

Travel anxiety and time zone differences can lead to headaches. If you know you are prone to headaches, take precautions right away. Avoid skipping meals and getting enough sleep and drink. Control everything you can.

Choose odorless cleaning agents

A strong odor can be the cause of migraines. Choose fragrance-free cleaners to reduce the risk of headaches while cleaning. Even natural scents can be the source of the problem, which is why it is so important to target specific products.

Move more

Researchers have found that a sedentary lifestyle may well be the cause of headaches. Everyone can pay attention to physical activity on a daily basis. Start small, find exercises that work for you, and then you can improve your health.

Speak to the Gynecologist

For many women, headache is associated with a cycle. If you notice such a problem, discuss it with your gynecologist or therapist. There are hormonal birth control that can lower your estrogen levels and make you feel better.

Reduce stress levels

Stress makes everything worse, including the headache. You should try to pay attention to some form of relaxation every day. Consider it a medicine that works to prevent the problem.

Change your workouts

For some people, the headache may be associated with high-intensity cardio training, but strength training will not lead to discomfort. Show your imagination, try different things. If upper body workouts cause headaches, strain your legs. There are options for everyone.

Drink less caffeine

Lack of caffeine in an addict can cause headaches. It is also worth noting that many medicines contain caffeine. This substance aggravates dehydration, which aggravates migraines.

Drink proven wines or beers

There are beers and wines that are especially prone to headaches. Monitor the condition of your body and buy only what does not cause you discomfort.

Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep is the most common cause of headaches. It will be difficult for you to fall asleep, you will constantly wake up - a vicious circle turns out. Try to ensure that you have a normal schedule to restore your health.

Buy a blue light filter

We all constantly use smartphones and tablets that emit blue rays. They can also cause headaches. If you regularly watch TV shows on a small gadget, you probably keep it close to your eyes and this increases the exposure to radiation. Buy a filter to protect yourself.

Limit the amount of time you use your gadgets

Try to look less at the computer screen if you don't want to harm your health.

Keep a Journal

Write down your headaches, describing the possible cause - food, alcohol, number of hours of sleep. This can be very handy.

Do not drink too much pain reliever

Try not to use pain relievers too often, as this can put you at risk of worsening headaches. Discuss all the tablets you are taking with your doctor.

Avoid triggers

The most common causes of headaches are stress, dehydration, hunger, lack of sleep, and unhealthy foods. Try to avoid them.

Stop smoking

Ideally, it's best not to even start. Smoking exacerbates many health problems. For some, the headache is due to exposure to smoke, while in others it is associated with nicotine.

Lose weight

There are many reasons why you should strive to lose weight. One of them is that with weight loss, the likelihood of migraines decreases.

Stay cool

When it's hot outside, try to drink as much as possible to help keep your body cool. The higher the temperature, the more likely a headache will appear, keep this in mind.

Wear sunglasses

Bright sunlight can cause headaches for some people. Get rid of this problem by wearing sunglasses.

Stop chewing gum

Researchers in Tel Aviv have found that chewing gum can cause chronic headaches. This is because chewing creates tension on the joint that connects the skull and jaw.

Do not drive behind

If you are prone to motion sickness, you know that nausea is often accompanied by a headache. Sit in the front seat and watch the road.

Consume Vitamin D

This vitamin is essential for good health. If it is lacking, you may notice a migraine.

Turn down the sound

Listening to loud music can cause headaches. If you have a persistent migraine, you shouldn't go to concerts or even scream.

Sit upright

Poor posture and tension in the neck and jaws can lead to headaches. Take regular breaks throughout the day and sit in a neutral position that relaxes your head and neck.

Check medication

There are pills associated with headaches. Discuss all this with your doctor.

Take magnesium

Low magnesium levels can cause headaches and migraines. If you often experience discomfort, you may need to include vitamin complexes in your diet.

Visit an Allergist

Allergies and headaches often go hand in hand. This is especially true with seasonal allergies. Drink the medication you need every day and minimize your time outdoors.

Cut back on salt

It turns out that avoiding salt can seriously help with headaches. The researchers speculate that this effect is due to the fact that salt lowers blood pressure.