Physical minutes for those working at the computer

Many of us spend an enormous amount of time sitting at the computer. Someone plays games, someone works, someone reads the news, and so on. Our whole life began to concentrate around the computer. If you want to continue to sit in front of the computer in good health, then you need to start taking care of it right now. Today we will consider a number of exercises, performing which, you can maintain health and not give up things that are already so familiar to you.

Exercise at least every two hours.

1. The first thing to do is to close your eyes tightly for a few seconds, and then blink and restore your vision. Do this a couple of times.

2. Next, get up from your workplace, raise your arms up, bend back and forth. Do this exercise at least five times. Remember to keep your eyes focused on your brushes.

3. Now you need to bend forward. Do this exercise the same way at least five times and with your eyes concentrate on the hands, which should be parallel to the body.

4. Then we need to try to spread our arms out to the sides and apply such efforts as if we are trying to move two planes. Do five sets. Without moving your head, move your eyes first to the right hand, then to the left.

5. Now raise your elbows to chest level and start spreading them apart. The eyes are still, alternately, concentrated on the hands.

6. Next, we put our hands on the belt and bend to the sides. As with all exercises, we do five approaches. The eyes should be directed to the left foot, then to the right, it all depends on the tilt.

7. Raise your hands in front of your chest, stretch them, bring your hands to the castle and turn them out with your palms. You need to bend your elbows and reach your nose with crossed fingers. The eyes are directed towards the hands.

8. Now you can sit down. Fold your hands behind the back of your head and try to move it forward, while the neck is actively resisting.

9. Now we have come almost to the end, so now we need to relax our eyes. We close our eyes with our palms, but do not press hard. After the light has ceased to flow, we begin to actively blink. Then rub your eyes with your fists, making a kind of massage.

Remember, computer work will be easier if you get a good night's sleep in front of it. So try to get at least seven or eight hours of sleep. After a good sleep, you will have a lot of energy and your efficiency will increase significantly.