How to make it easier for your child to study at school. Simple and effective techniques

Getting away from vacation is not easy. These tips will help your children get into the rhythm of school comfortably.


To make it more interesting for your child to get up in the morning, make them their favorite breakfasts. Yes, even if it is sometimes just ice cream.

The ideal temperature for sleeping is no higher than 21 degrees.

Set an alarm clock in the far corner of the room so that you have to get up behind it.

Let the children sleep in complete darkness, so the sleep is deeper.

Turn off his cell phone. Or take it for storage until the morning, by agreement with the child. Well, you know why.


Teach them to do as soon as you come home from school. In the evening, even an adult's head does not understand.

Do your homework at 25 minute intervals and at 5 minute breaks.

Put soft instrumental music in the background if your child is often distracted.

Bribe. Not a bad way to stimulate very young students.

Take a picture of the weekly schedule on your child's phone. So he can always quickly see what lessons should be gathered for tomorrow.

If possible, walk 10-20 minutes to the school. This activates the brain before starting classes.

Use reminder stickers for today's tasks.

If all textbooks and workbooks look the same, sign them at the ends of the pages.


On the graph, draw the most important dates to remember. And then add minor ones.