6 tricks to make cleaning easier

More is not better, and sometimes too much detergent gets in the way.


On the very first sunny day, it becomes clear that it is time to wash the windows and you get ready with the spirit and wash them immediately. This is the mistake. If you wash your windows on a sunny day, they dry out faster than you wash off the dirt and show visible streaks.

Do not rush to wash immediately. Vacuum the frames inside and out. When you move on to wet cleaning, there may be less dirty streaks.

Our grandmothers bequeathed to us to scrub glass to a shine with newspapers. But in their time there were no microfiber rags, and they cope with the task several times better.


Even if you want to wash the entire mountain of dishes at once, in one load, stop yourself. The more dishes you fill in the dishwasher, the worse it rinses out. In no case are the dishes stacked in stacks, one by one. The dishwasher works with a jet of water, not magic, and if you block the water path, the dishes will simply remain dirty.

Place the dirtiest plates down and towards the center. If you use detergent tablets, put them in the dispenser, rather than throw them into the washing container: this way they will be used up gradually and will not dissolve during the first cycle. Apartment cleaning plan

Shower curtain

It molds and starts to smell unpleasant. But you don't have to throw it away with your nose pinched. Wash the curtain at 30-40 degrees in a washing machine with chlorine bleach and a couple of old towels.

Then hang to dry on a tumble dryer or on its own bar and open the door to the bathroom for better ventilation.

Carpets and upholstery

Each time we are tempted to fill the stain with a cleaner, but this only leads to the fact that the dirt dissolves and is absorbed deeper into the pile. Pour the cleaner onto a clean cloth and blot the stain until it's gone. Then blot with clean water to remove the soapy water.

Fabric softener and detergent powder

A common mistake is to add powder or conditioner by eye. This does not make the laundry cleaner and fresher. In the worst case, it simply won't have time to rinse out the detergent. Always follow the dosage indicated on the package. Otherwise, you just flush your money down the drain.


Mobile phones, tablets and computer monitors are sometimes just tempted to wipe with soap. The bad idea is that you can damage the electronic device, and at best leave streaks on the screen. Nothing better and safer than microfiber for cleaning electronics has not yet been invented.