27 tips on how to write a resume to get a high-paying job.

1. The maximum volume of a resume is A4 page.

2. Experience is more important than education, and ambition is often more important than experience.

3. Don't be shy when writing your resume.

4. When sending your resume, consider the specifics of your future work.

5. The best resume is the one that allows the employer to see you as a ready specialist.

6. Examine the job responsibilities of the place for which you are applying.

7. Bring your resume in line with the responsibilities that you are ready to perform.

8. Your appearance in the photo should correspond to the future position.

9. Remember that the employer is looking for a performer first of all.

10. The text of the resume must be accurate and free of errors.

11. Find a person who got a similar job, and take his resume as a basis.

12. Be prepared for a job interview when writing your resume.

13. Formulate thoughts briefly.

14. Get a job where you see your development.

15. Do not deliberately write false information in your resume.

16. Describe in detail the skills that you possess.

17. Indicate the amount for which you are applying.

18. After receiving the position, do not forget to remove the resume from the Internet.

19. Focus on your professionalism.

20. Before submitting your resume, study the history of the company and the biography of its leader.

21. People with good health are hired for high-paying jobs.

22. Write in your resume that it is a great honor for you to work in this company.

23. One of the best reasons to change your place of work is to change your place of residence.

24. Your experience in your future specialty is much more important than anything else.

25. Before submitting your resume, decide - would you hire yourself?

26. The resume should justify why you are worth the money.

27. It should be clear from the resume that you are not in need, but you are needed.