A house without mistakes - 29 tips are worth its weight in gold

A house without mistakes - 29 tips are worth their weight in gold - so save and share wisdom with friends.


According to the standard, the height of the kitchen base is 85 cm. Furniture customers often forget to make "adjustments for height". As a result, having received a set of cabinets and work surfaces of a standard height, they are forced to either slouch or stretch upward with all their might. If you, having a large growth, bought ready-made furniture, then you can put the lower cabinets on legs and decorate them with a bar. For a country-style kitchen, ordinary facing bricks with a beautiful finish can play the role of coasters. If the furniture is too tall for you, you can file the legs.


A common mistake is to refuse a sink with a drainer or a second bowl to save space. In the kitchen, where they cook for a large family, you cannot do without a voluminous multifunctional sink. On the wing - a kind of continuation of the table top - you can put hot dishes or put washed vegetables and fruits. The second bowl allows you to wash large pots and fruits at the same time.


Do not rush to hang shelves in the kitchen. Organize your drawers to save space and organize your work. The space in the box is easy to divide into sections and place any containers in them. Access to them will be convenient. Just slide out the drawer - and everything is in full view. Internal partitions can be ordered separately or you can use ordinary plastic containers.


The recesses instead of handles on the doors look unusual and aesthetically pleasing and fully correspond to the modern look of the kitchen. But you can ... hate this seeming simplicity by trying to open the door with wet hands or without removing the grip. The way out is the "click-clack" system, which allows you to open the doors even with your elbow. This system will satisfy even the most picky kitchen furniture owners and will minimize the space of any kitchen.

5. An indelible mark

Steel furniture fronts, tiles and refrigerator are trendy and elegant and especially popular with young couples. However, even clean palms leave marks on such a surface. And it forces the diligent hostess to regularly wipe and wash shiny items. There are two solutions to the problem: purchase polishes for stainless steel, which not only remove dirt from such surfaces, but also prevent, or steel equipment from leading manufacturers, treated with a special protective coating.

6. Cozy corner

The desire to create comfort in the kitchen should not lead to disastrous results. Walls or their fragments, upholstered with fabrics look great, but quickly accumulate unpleasant odors and dirt.

The effect of a warm room, which is sweet for the eyes and soul, can be achieved using wallpaper imitating matter. Of course, in the kitchen, washable ones are most suitable.

7. Which REFRIGERATOR is convenient?

Home appliance stores offer a huge selection of refrigerators. Saving energy consumption, a beautiful front, a convenient freezer and a suitable price are important purchase conditions. But imagine: the layout will require you to move the refrigerator - you will need to change the hinges so that the door opens in the other direction, but it turns out that this is impossible. Therefore, think about it in the store. The complete set of the refrigerator should correspond to the composition of the family and its lifestyle. The exterior design is important, but the interior is also important.


The absence of partitions between the living room, hallway and kitchen makes the room light and spacious, but less comfortable. If a TV is on in the guest area, cutlets are fried in the kitchen, and children are playing nearby, then the noise disturbs absolutely everyone. And the sounds from the staircase will be heard throughout the apartment, and not just in the hallway.

Install high soundproofed entrance doors and re-partition the room. The latter technique is possible, even if you do not want to lose the desired space. Use movable or translucent screens or partitions. Install partial height piers or open shelves on both sides. Full-width sliding or folding doors will also help.


How many outlets do you need in the room? Do you think two or three are enough? Well, this is a common misconception. Experience has shown that even a small room requires sockets on every wall. Just be sure to agree with a professional electrician their number, type (with or without grounding) and location, explaining exactly how many devices will be turned on at the same time. According to the European standard, the height of the sockets from the floor should be 30 cm.

10. PRACTICAL APPAREL for windows

Windows in the bedroom or living room are good in the frame of long curtains, picturesquely lying on the floor. But are you ready to regularly vacuum not only floors, carpets, but also curtains? A beautiful "train" will add more work to the hostess, especially if there are four-legged friends in the house. If you do not want to give up such beauty, then choose a fabric with a dirt-repellent and antistatic impregnation. This will not save you from cleaning forever, but it will allow you to do it less often.

11. Dust-free work

Many people are familiar with the problem of cleaning up dust from open bookshelves. It is especially acute in homes where people prone to allergies live. The only acceptable solution is to order or buy furniture with glazed fronts. Small ventilation holes in the side walls will help to avoid mustiness and excessive moisture in closed shelves. This technique will provide books with a favorable microclimate and save you from dust problems. As a rule, self-respecting manufacturers produce furniture with ready-made holes.


A large aquarium full of corals and exotic fish decorates the apartment. It looks especially impressive when it is open on both sides. However, installing it in direct sunlight is a mistake, especially if they come from windows facing south, because in this case, the aquarium will begin to overgrow with algae and lose its attractiveness. Provide a place for your personal "water world" where only diffused sunlight enters, and, if necessary, use artificial lighting with adjustable intensity. By the way, it will serve as an additional decorative lighting for the room.

13. High stroke

In duplex apartments and private houses, owners often face the problem of installing stairs. When choosing, it is not enough to pay attention to design and cost, construction is much more important. Even small deviations in calculating the height and width of steps or their frequency can be critical for children and the elderly. Therefore, the staircase is not a detail of the furnishings on which you can save. And you need to order it from companies with a good reputation. Take the time and effort to choose a comfortable and safe design. Specialists will also help you make the right decision.


Laminate is a modern, easy to assemble and beautiful finish. It is not surprising that it has rapidly gained popularity in the domestic market. But, to make the laminate floor a joy, when choosing, pay attention to the class of its wear resistance. In the hallway, in the kitchen or in the bedroom, the load on the floor is completely different, and each room will require different materials. But, even if you chose the most durable one, be sure to glue pieces of felt under the furniture legs.


Light or white walls in a room create a cool feeling and visually enlarge the space. On the other hand, they can remind you of the hospital and "supercool" the interior in winter, when it is not needed at all. If you need to visually expand the room, but at the same time create a feeling of warmth and comfort, then leave three walls light, and paint one in a rich color. The room will sparkle with new colors, will become cozy and will not lose the feeling of spaciousness. This technique will also allow you to expand the color scheme of furniture or create a harmonious environment for existing armchairs and sofas.


Many readers confess to their addiction to contrasting color schemes and bold combinations. One of them is light walls and black furniture. The elegance and severity of black and white combination has been and remains unrivaled. But maintaining cleanliness in such an apartment is unimaginably difficult, because dust is clearly visible against a dark background. To avoid problems with cleaning, use only special anti-static wipes or (in extreme cases) wipe the furniture with a napkin dampened with any antistatic agent. It also makes sense to buy a vacuum cleaner with double air filtration.

17. Beautiful patterns instead of monotony

Dreaming of tiles, carpet or carpet in the same color? Think well before purchasing, especially if you like light shades. A pink or snowy white finish looks amazing, but only if it's perfectly clean! But it is very difficult to maintain the coating in this state. Pay attention to materials with small geometric or floral patterns: they are beautiful and reduce cleaning time.


During the repair and installation of electrical wires, specialists usually ask the owners where the sconces will be placed. This allows the wire to be securely and invisibly guided through the wall. If you did not manage to decide on time, then it is better to use floor lamps: sconces with wires hanging along the walls look unattractive. According to the European standard, the sconces must be installed 150-200 cm from the floor.


A bath installed deep in the floor does not require additional elements and does not optically reduce the room, but it is not very convenient to enter it. And it is not easy to wash the far surface. The optimal solution is to slightly open one side and make an imitation of steps and a podium. To prevent slippery steps, they can be trimmed with wood paneling to match the catwalk.


If you have a rather large family and the area of ​​the bathroom allows you to put two washbasins in the room at once, then do it. The distance between them should be at least 30 cm. Then you will avoid the morning queues to the only washbasin.

And if the bathroom is small, then maybe it is worth abandoning the bulky bathtub in favor of a shower cabin? Morning treatments in a larger space will be more enjoyable.


Instead of a traditional shower stall, you can lay the floor with tiles, "tilting" it towards the drain at an angle of at least 5 °, isolate the selected area with stylish transparent doors and install a shower set. The best for finishing is mosaic tiles: it is easier to make a slope with it. The most practical option is special pool tiles. Ordinary ceramic tiles are fragile and have a porous structure in which microorganisms appear, while pool tiles - porcelain and glazed ceramic - have a high density, sufficient elasticity and practically does not absorb water.


They may look the same as the rest of the doors in the apartment. But at the bottom they must have ventilation holes. Otherwise, moisture will accumulate in the bathroom, and condensation will settle on the walls, and the door will need to be opened. You can make such ventilation holes yourself. Or you can buy ready-made plastic gratings and ask a specialist to do everything. Still, the ideal option is to buy a door with a ready-made hole.


If you are planning a bathroom renovation, then consider where to move the washing machine for this time. Having decided, instruct a specialist to connect it to the water supply and sewerage system. This will save you from unsightly pipes that will run along the walls. And don't forget about grounding!


Smooth shiny bathroom tiles are a common cause of falls and injuries. It is advisable to replace it with corrugated tiles designed specifically for the bathroom. If this is not possible, then place a wooden, rubber or textile rug on the floor. The color and shape of this accessory can be changed quite often. Plus, your feet won't touch the cold floor.


If the walls in a small bathroom are lined with plain tiles and this does not make the room attractive, and repairs are long and troublesome for you, then apply special glaze paint to some of the tiles! It is best to emphasize horizontal elements with a contrasting or more saturated color: this will visually expand the room. Or, add a slight mess to the plain surface by painting several pieces of tiles in bright colors.


Think about shelves before setting up your bathroom. It is best to make stationary ledge shelves and cover them with tiles of the same collection as the tiles planned to decorate this entire room. If you have not foreseen the shelves, then light metal shelves of various shapes with glass elements will take over their role. They will look especially impressive in combination with mirrors and additional lighting.


Solid and beautiful entrance doors are a necessary element of any apartment. They provide warmth, sound insulation and, of course, safety. When choosing doors, be sure to pay attention to the door peephole. It should be comfortable in height and give you a wide view. If you purchased a door without a peephole, then install it: this will help you feel comfortable.


Very often, thrifty owners use the remnants of building materials for small works. For example, the balcony floor is tiled. And this is the wrong decision. Floor tiles are intended for indoor use only. On the balcony, use outdoor tiles that are resistant to temperature extremes.


An entrance hall with carpet, carpet or parquet looks very presentable. But such coatings are difficult to keep clean, especially when the degree of contamination directly depends on the weather outside. If you don't want to spend money on cleaning supplies, tile the floor and add a neat little rug to the decor.