What diagonal of the TV should I choose?

Before buying a TV, you should first decide on the diagonal of the device. Acting according to the rule "the more the better" you can only harm your apartment and wallet. If the buyer is confident in the chosen brand and price range, then the selection of the diagonal suggests some nuances that can change the choice.

Every room on TV

Modern apartments compare favorably with dwellings of the middle of the last century in that in each room, regardless of the purpose, we place a TV set. The choice of the diagonal should be based on the purpose and location of the TV in the apartment. The role of a kitchen TV can be played by a device with a diagonal of no more than 32, for a bedroom and a nursery from 32 to 42 inches, and for a living room, the choice is slightly complicated. When a future TV is planned to be placed in a ready-made niche, then the size of the purchase should be adjusted according to the given framework of being, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Remember: with a display diagonal of more than 60 inches, the distance from the viewer to the panel must be more than three meters.

TV installation height

After choosing the diagonal of the device, it is important to correctly estimate the height at which the broadcast will take place. For comfortable viewing, the center of the image should be at the level of the viewers' eyes, therefore it is recommended to estimate the expected installation height of the TV. Practice shows that one manufacturer produces TV models with the same diagonals, but stands with different heights. You can determine the height of the TV according to the technical characteristics indicated in the accompanying documents, where the height with the stand and the own height of the TV are reported. According to the TV's own characteristics and the size of the home cabinet, it will be easier to choose a home theater for comfortable viewing.

"Call me softly by name ..."

The classic TV for the living room can be the 48-inch Samsung UE48HU8500 (Series 8 Smart TV 3D UHD LED) released in 2014. This is a TV with a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels (Ultra HD, 4K). A premium device with a wide range of the latest technologies and features. The color reproduction in the image with the Color Brilliance function has become truly vibrant and realistic. The remote control of this device allows you to control the TV even with a voice, and a system for recognizing owners by faces is built in for turning on and off. The cost of the Samsung UE48HU8500 TV according to the Aport catalog is 84, 990 rubles.