Donald Trump Gives Tips (Tips From Successful People)

Billionaire Donald John Trump, whose fortune is estimated at $ 3 billion, gave ten tips for those wishing to get rich. In the book “Trump. How to Become Wealthy ”real estate tycoon gives future entrepreneurs advice on how to make their first billion.

1. Always dress according to your cultural background. I used to take pride in buying inexpensive suits and other clothes. It didn't make sense to pay thousands of dollars when you could buy things for $ 100. Who will know? But over the years, I realized that I was wrong. Now I buy very high quality shoes, and they seem to be eternal, while the cheap ones, I remember, wore out quickly and looked exactly as much as I paid for them. Clothes say a lot about us even before we open our mouths.

2. Deliberately harm your reputation. Give out carefully selected nuggets of information, provide thoughtful provocative opinions to see what the reaction will be. Saying something unexpected can result in a revealing response. I could make an outrageous remark in a meeting to see if the other participants would agree or resist. This is a good way to appreciate those with whom you sit at the table.

3. Become your own financial advisor. Many people hire financial consultants, but I have seen consultants lead people to ruin more than once. When choosing an advisor, rely on your own judgment based on what you read on the business pages of reputable publications. As you read them, you begin to get a feel for what is happening in the market, including which consultants are the best. Hold on to the winners.

4. Let's change! If you are under pressure, respond in kind. If you are insulted, attack with all your strength and energy. An eye for an eye. Be incredulous. I know you don't look too good in this case, but even your best friend can encroach on your spouse or your money.

5. Don't neglect hairdressing. I am often criticized for the way I do my hair. The New York Times called my hair "a sophisticated piece that is best left to architectural critics." In my opinion, she looks good, but I have never argued that the hairstyle is my greatest strength. However, it surprises me how often I am asked if I am wearing a wig. Answer: categorically no. I don't wear a wig.

6. Try to avoid shaking hands. Some administrators believe in a strong handshake. I believe in no handshake. Often I have to deal with the fact that a person who clearly has a cold comes up to me and says: "Mr. Trump, I want to shake your hand." It is known that this is the way microbes are transmitted. There was a case when a man came out of the toilet, shaking off water from his still wet hands. He walked over to my table and said, “Mr. Trump, you are a great man. May I shake your hand? " In this case, I decided to shake hands, because I was in a hurry and knew that if I shake his hand, I would not be able to finish the meal.

7. Obey your instincts. Entrepreneurship is not a group activity. You have to trust yourself. You may have solid academic degrees, but without instinct, it will be difficult for you to climb up and stay there. This is one of those gray areas that remain a mystery even to those with sophisticated business instincts. There are subtle signs that can signal whether or not it is necessary to conclude a particular deal, to enter into contacts with certain people.

8. Remain optimistic, but be prepared for failure. There are ups and downs, but you can survive them if you are prepared for them. The ability to anticipate a problem saved me from wasting energy and will save you from unpleasant surprises. Ups and downs are inevitable. I am a very careful person, but this does not mean that I am a pessimist. Call it positive thinking with an eye to reality.

9. Pay attention to details. If you don't know all the aspects of what you are doing, you are setting yourself up for unpleasant surprises. I once read about a respected neurosurgeon fanatically obsessed with the details and organization of an operation. He was preparing for the upcoming operation by jogging in the morning. He mentally imagined all the details, recalled everything he knew, all the difficulties and complications that he might face. But you don't have to be a neurosurgeon to pay attention to details.

10. Make marriage contracts. If I had not signed a marriage contract, this book would have been written by a man who has lost a lot. It took a bus to bring Yvonne's lawyers to court, but luckily I had a marriage contract. A friend who was about to marry for the fifth time told me: "I am so in love that I do not need a marriage contract." A year later, his marriage fell apart, and he had to go through hell. He looked like a frightened puppy. I didn't have the courage to say the words that swirled in my tongue: you are a loser!